Somer Canon is the Imadjinn Award winning and Splatterpunk Award nominated author of works such as Killer Chronicles, The Hag Witch of Tripp Creek, and You’re Mine.  When she’s not wreaking havoc in her minivan, she’s avoiding her neighbors and consuming all things horror. She has two sons and more cats than her husband agreed to have.

Okay, you’ve seen the bio that will appear in the backs of my books and novellas, so allow me to expand.  I’m a lifelong fan of books and horror and it is my extreme pleasure to be able to count myself among the amazing horror writers working today.  I may not be on their level, but I’m sort of on the same planet and that makes me happy.

I’m married to the guy that I took to my Senior prom and together we have two sons who regularly teach us the true meaning of “horror.”  I really do abuse the V6 in my minivan on the roads of Eastern Pennsylvania and I really do try to disturb my mother, even though it was she who taught me to love the horror genre.

But enough about me, you’re here for the fiction!  Please feel free to peruse the Publications page and feel free to find me on Facebook (Author page only, please!) and Twitter.

Somer Canon