Format: Paperback / eBook
Length: 200 pages (paperback) / 175 pages (eBook)
Published: Alien Agenda Publishing (November 10, 2020)
ISBN-13: 979-8557801768

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SURVIVE WITH ME is a charity anthology from Alien Agenda Publishing.
All proceeds from the sales go to support the American Indian College Fund.Survival.

It’s that difference between you and the end of the line, and that one thing that keeps you from slipping over the edge forever. Deep down, when faced with impossible odds, we find a way. A way to keep moving. A way to overcome. Whether death is a disease or a storm, an addiction, or a psychotic killer, or sometimes even our own mind, human beings find a way. We are resilient. We are strong. We are survivors. Even in death, we carry on.

Here are sixteen stories of survival.
Sixteen unique voices calling out… can you hear them?