Format: Print & eBook
Length: 180 pages
Published: In Your Face Books; 1 edition (March 31, 2019)

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Tick – tock Tick – tock Tick – tock
Your time is running out. When the clock strikes 13, all manners of hell will break loose. When the Clock Strikes 13 is a collection of thirteen short horror stories by some of the best horror and dark fiction authors writing today. Inside, you will find stories to frighten, shock and gnaw at your inner fears, and take you places that belong only in the dark recesses of your mind. There are monsters on these pages; some are human, some are not.

“From the seemingly benign domestic to the war-ravaged deserts of the Middle East and all theaters in between, When the Clock Strikes 13 offers up dark terrors as wolves in sheep’s clothing-tales that sneak up on you and sink tooth and claw before you can scream.” –Dino Parenti, author of Dead Reckoning and Other Stories