Hello out there!  Things are definitely slowing down still here in Vicki world.  There are some things in the pipeline, we’re just waiting on some very busy people to get around to publishing guest articles that I’ve written.  Stay tuned for those!

On June 23, the Horror News Network published a piece written by the wonderful Jay Kay (he interviewed me on his radio show, Horror Happens).  This piece is a mish mash of Jay’s insights on Vicki Beautiful and the interview that we did for the radio show.

I’ve gotten a lot of reviews and received a lot of compliments on my little novella that have made me all mushy and happy, but this piece took my breath away.  I am beyond happy to see something that I wrote receive such a gloriously written piece and I am further in awe of Jay for writing it.

Read it here and please support Jay and all that he does for the horror genre.  He gives so much of his time and self and deserves our gratitude in the very least.

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