So we’re at the tail end of the year that was 2016.

For me, it started in a high note, I was sitting pretty on three book contracts, and I was happily tapping away at books four and five.  The world was a sweet place.

Come February, things started going very wrong.  My publisher announced that they were closing and two of my book contracts would be nullified.  That same month, a horrible virus ripped its way through my family and for a while, it was all vomit and diarrhea.  Very poetic.

Luckily, things evened out for me because I had the wonderful Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi (found at Oh, for the Hook of a Book) in my life and my debut work, Vicki Beautiful, got some pretty great attention.  These were things that kept me from throwing my laptop out of a high window in my more dramatic moments, when things looked bad and I was not in the mood to be perky.  I owe Erin a lot more than she knows.

In short, this year had some highs, and this year had some lows.  Holy shit, this year was bad for losing some talent.  Authors, actors, musicians, and idols all of them.  There are too many to name and I shed quite a few tears for the lights that were snuffed before the world was ready to be without them.  Sure, we’re never ready, but this year felt awfully heavy with death.

I had quite a few crises, wondering what on earth I thought I was doing.

“Just who the hell do you think you are?  You don’t belong with these talented people.  These are not your peers, you hopeless dork!”

Say hello to my super pessimistic inner voice!  It talked a lot of crap to me this year and I did far too much listening.  I don’t have the two little guys on my shoulders, one an angel and the other a devil, I have a small version of me that is drunk and rolling in an asshole state of mind.

Lots of doubt, lots of loss of direction.

But you know what?  My family is all healthy.  My kids are growing and thriving.  My marriage is good and stable.  My pants still fit.  As much as I was prone to sitting on my couch double-fisting vodka and cokes while bemoaning my ever-present bad luck, I eventually came out of it seeing myself as the whiny baby I was being.   I got to meet Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni, William Ragsdale, Stephen Geoffreys, and Chris Sarandon!  Armand Rosamilia has been so very generous with his support of me and James Newman gave me a glowing review.  Those are Holy Shit Life Is Amazing moments, and there are some I’m not including!  It wasn’t all bad.

As of today, I’ve got four completed works, three of them in slush piles waiting patiently and one will be submitted next week.  That’s not bad.  There are no sure things, not even close, but I’ve got stuff.  If Publisher A wants it, GREAT!  If not, I’ve got options.

It’s been a hell of a year for all of us, I think.  Lots of turmoil, sadness, and anger.  But there were some triumphs smooshed in there.  I hope the next year brings many more to all of you.  As for me?  I’m going to be sitting here, tapping away on this poor beaten laptop and creating.  Working.  Not going anywhere.

News-wise, Vicki Beautiful will disappear from Amazon for a short time while the rights reversion is happening.  I will try to have it back up as soon as I can.  The cover will be the same and, as I’ve already mentioned, there will be print options available this time!  I’ll try to have it available on Nook and Kobo as well, so please bear with me as we work to smooth out some kinks.

I’m also expanding my social media presence!  I am now on Instagram and Pinterest.  I hope you will find me on there!

I thank every single person who has ever read one of my works, be they blog posts, novellas, short stories, tweets, or random ramblings that I’ve done around the web.  Your support has meant so much to me and I wish all of you the Happiest of New Years and I look forward to having you around in 2017!


  1. Somer is a very talented writer that, unfortunately, doesn’t give herself enough credit. My exposure to her work was the delightfully twisted story, Vicki Beautiful. It’s a shame that her old publisher is hanging up their horror line and causing some really great stories to be in limbo out there. If you haven’t downloaded Vicki Beautiful, get your butt over to Amazon and grab it before it’s gone come 2017. For the rest of us, we can only sit around anxiously hoping that Somer doesn’t go off her nut and throw that laptop through some plate glass. She has more untapped talent in her little finger than most of us do in our whole bodies.

  2. Ken, that comment is so nice and wonderful that it will keep the nut in place a little longer. The laptop remains peacefully seated on my desk and not plummeting to the earth in a fit of hopeless rage just yet!

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