For those of you who were not around social media a couple of weeks ago, my publicist, editor, and friend Erin Sweet-Al Mehairi had a very public battle on Twitter and Facebook over which snack cake brand was better:  Hostess (Team Erin) or Little Debbie (Team Somer).  Little Debbie won, but Erin will never give up, for she is a true lover of Hostess and I have to admit to a love for Raspberry Zingers!

This was brought about because Erin was editing one of my favorite works to date, a book that has a lot going on that has very little to do with snack cakes, but the snack cakes sort of caused it all…kind of.

It’s my love letter to the cheap and wonderful confections that I grew up loving.  Heck, I still eat and love them…but I can’t really admit to being grown up at this time.  Give me another decade, but I’m sure you’ll have the same answer then, too.  It’s not on my to-do list, this growing up thing.

My point being, there are some exciting things going on over here, and they are only behind the scenes for a short time.  All will be revealed shortly and you’ll be in on our little inside joke.

Again, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter (sidebar!) and any news will certainly be on there at the end of every month.  Also, cocktail recipes and cat pictures.  I like cocktails and cats and I will not feel bad about subjecting inboxes to them.  But, people seem to like it.  That’s why my faith in humanity remains.  Cats and cocktails rule.

So, to conclude, the war is not over.  My work is being polished and loved up by word people and you’ll know more very shortly.  Until then, good people of the world, are you Team Hostess or Team Little Debbie?  Are you totally confused over what snack cakes have to do with the horror genre?  Are you concerned that I’ve had a minor head injury and am hallucinating that my new god is a Swiss Cake Roll?

Only time will tell.  Stay tuned!


  1. Love this post, Somer! Hope this means a new book from you will be available soon.

    I haven’t eaten a snack cake in a gazillion years, but it used to be Hostess DingDongs and Cupcakes for me…never liked Twinkies. The snack food selection was woefully lacking in my small town. I don’t even know if Little Debbie was available, and I have never encountered a raspberry zinger.

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