Hey folks!  I can now share with you some of those links that I promised in my previous post.

For today, the expanded Halloween edition of Unnerving Magazine is available for purchase!  You can purchase this amazing edition in either digital or physical form and I’ll provide links for both.  While you’re at it, I want to urge you fans out there to subscribe to Unnerving regularly.  It always has great names attached to it and Eddie Generous works so very hard to put this together.  They are also creeping into chap book territory as well as anthologies!  And I miiiiiiight be in one of those anthologies coming up!

Go here to purchase the ebook edition for only $4!

You can get the physical copy here for $14!

Again, I hope that you not only grab this beast of an issue, but that you subscribe to Unnerving.

Keep your eyes peeled!  My Halloween short is in the editing phase now, Killer Chronicles is almost here, and I have news about a new anthology that I’m in!  Been busy around here!

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