Well hello, everybody! The middle and end of 2018 got a little cruddy for me, so I fell off of the online map a bit and neglected my author presence, but never fear for I am still here!

First of all, let’s talk about some recent releases (recent can be as far back as July 2018 so hang on).

Bloodshot Books has published Killer Chronicles in paperback and ebook and the uber-talented Lynne Hansen did the fantastic cover art. Get it here!

I have another limited edition release through Thunderstorm Books! The Hag Witch of Tripp Creek is a really gorgeous book wonderful for limited edition collectors. Get it here while it’s still in stock!

I was super lucky to be able to be able to be in this wonderful anthology, Welcome to the Show. This book is amazing and, I must admit, my story disappears compared to the incomparable talent included within. Matt Hayward put this baby together and Doug Murano edited it. It’s been nominated for a Splatterpunk Award and is so far on the preliminary ballot for a Bram Stoker Award. The glory for this book should go to Matt, Doug, and the other writers. I was just lucky getting a story in. Get it here and see what everybody else is raving about.

There will be new releases in 2019 from me and I so far have two appearances.

I’ll be at the White Rose Comic Con March 22-24 in York, PA. Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni, Kelli Owen, Bob Ford, Stephen Kozeniewski, Wes Southard and myself will be selling and signing books, but come say “hi” to us regardless if you’re in the area! Check out their site and grab passes!

Once again, I’ll be at Scares That Care Charity Weekend, sharing a table with my pal, author Wesley Southard. We’ll both be selling books and doing signings and readings. Scares that Care is a charity I care about deeply and the weekend in Williamsburg, VA is always and absolute blast. Come out and meet some of horrors most beautiful souls. Learn about the charity here and you can learn about the charity weekend here. The convention is August 2-4 this year.

Alright, I think we’re all up to date. March 1, I will start sending out monthly newsletters again. If you aren’t on the list, fix that by inputting your email address at the bottom of this page where it says, Sign Up for My Newsletter!

Until next time!

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