Hi everybody!

I’m going to be making a scant few appearances this year, selling books and meeting new readers. I’m very much looking forward to these.

-August 27-29 I’ll be a special guest At Creature Feature Weekend in Gettysburg, PA. It’s a great con that I attended in 2019 and I’m so stoked to be vending there again! Check out the convention’s site! Creature Feature Weekend

-September 18 I’ll be at the Harrisburg Comic Con. This looks like a fun event! Check it out!

There may be one or two more events added in the fall, and I’ll make sure to update!

If you’re curious as to what I’ve been up to this last year, well I was homeschooling my two sons, and doing my best to stay sane! One way that I managed that was that I dove into the world of podcasting and YouTubing! Here is where you can check those out!

-I have a podcast dedicated to talking about works of classical literature in the hopes that you, the listener, might pick them up without intimidation. They’re just books! It’s called A Case for Classics and you can find all 68 episodes at the link. FYI, the show is on hiatus for the rest of the summer so that I can get some book-writing done, but it will be back in early September! A Case for Classics

-I also am a co-host on The Ghost Writers Podcast with fellow horror authors Mary SanGiovanni and Matt Wildasin as well as our musically talented friend, Dave Thomas. We are absolute goofs who talk movies, shows, and we give writing and publishing advice. The Ghost Writers Podcast

-And lastly, I also have a YouTube channel. It started as exclusive videos for Patreon subscribers, but I opened it up to the public and lately I’ve been talking about horror movies and correlating horror books. It’s all fun over there. Somer Canon YouTube Channel

I hope to see you and interact with you all!

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