Hello All!  We are now at the end of week two of the publicity tour for Vicki Beautiful and I am still having an absolute blast.  This week saw my favorite review so far as well as some really great interviews.  So, in case you missed them, here are the links.  Enjoy!

Terrific interview over at Sylv.net.

A great review over at Into The Macabre! Very honest, and I appreciate that.

I loved doing this interview over at Wag the Fox.

This is my absolute favorite review so far, and that bar was not set low! Mallory Heart Reviews/Haunted Reading Room really made my week!

If anything else pops up today, I’ll pop it in here and thanks to Silv Jenkins, Ken McKinley, Gef Fox and Mallory Heart for all that they do and thank you to anyone reading this.  I appreciate you all!

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