The third week of my publicity tour has ended and things are still going great!

On Tuesday, May 10, the inimitable Catherine Cavendish hosted me on her site for a guest blog post. (Psst, you should also check out her works too.  She is a fount of amazing haunted tales!

On Wednesday, May 11, Glenn Rolfe stopped my heart when he reviewed Vicki Beautiful on his site.  (Glenn is also an amazing horror author and I insist you check out his works!)

Also on Wednesday, The Qwillery gave me a lovely interview.  I loved that they asked me what question I wished that I was asked more concerning Vicki Beautiful.

And on Friday, May 13, my pal Stuart R. West gave me a really fun interview.  Stuart is a really fun guy as well as a prolific author who plays hopscotch along many genres!  Check out his stuff!

I’d like to thank Catherine Cavendish not only for having me as a guest on her blog, but also for all of the support that she has given along the way.

I’d also like to extend many thanks to Glenn Rolfe not only for reviewing my work, but for loving the horror genre so much and doing as much as he does to help promote others.

I’d like to thank The Qwillery for all of the reviews that they give that really help us authors get noticed.

I’d like to thank Stuart R. West for being my first author friend and for always being there for encouragement.

Last but not least, I can’t thank my publicist, Erin Sweet-Al Mehairi, for being supportive, kind, and kickass.

Thank you also to any people who come to this site or follow me on social media and also to any readers who have read my little novella.  I’d be nothing without you.



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