Hey there, fellow Lycanthrope Lovers! For those not in the know, last year, (2023) was what I dubbed my own personal Year of the Werewolf. Basically, I grew tired…exhausted, really…of seeing the same few movies and books appear on lists talking about my favorite monster. I decided to take the year and read as many books and watch as many movies concerning werewolves as I could so that I might create longer, better recommendation lists. This is my recommendation list for werewolf books.

Now, before the big reveal, you should know the parameters. This is MY list, what I want to recommend. I didn’t necessarily love every book on this list, but I do feel that those looking to read horror books about werewolves should give these titles a try. Also, these books are mostly in the horror genre. I’m not personally interested in fantasy books that deal with werewolves, so they don’t appear on this list. This list is also not exhaustive. I am but a mortal woman and could only read so many books, but I feel pretty confident that I found some great titles that people wanting to read more werewolf horror would love to know about. There’s still a lot out there to discover, it’s not all on this list.

So without further ado, here is my recommendation list of horror werewolf books. If you’d like individual breakdowns of these books (they’re quick), I did weekly videos in 2023 on my YouTube channel that I started calling the Weekly Werewolf Report. Just go to the channel, click on “Playlists”, and then click on “Werewolves!” and you’ll find the videos there.

  • Blood and Rain by Glenn Rolfe
  • Feral by Matt Serafini (also check out Devil’s Row by Matt Serafini)
  • Full Moon in the West (Grave Marker Book 7) by Dominic Stabile
  • Wilding by Melanie Tem
  • Wolf Land by Jonathan Janz
  • Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King
  • The Guns of Santa Sangre by Eric Red
  • Thor by Wayne Smith
  • Full Moon Slaughter edited by Toneye Eyenot
  • Curse of the Full Moon edited by James Lowder
  • The Beast of Brenton Woods (The White Wolf Series) by Jackson R. Thomas (also listed under Glenn Rolfe)
  • Rise (The White Wolf Series) by Jackson R. Thomas
  • Bishop by Candace Nola (Not a wereWOLF, but still a fantastic book.)
  • Howl by Renee Miller
  • Shapeshifter by J.F. Gonzalez
  • Such Sharp Teeth by Rachel Harrison
  • Dog Days O’ Summer by James Newman and Mark Allan Gunnells
  • Running Wolf (short story) by Algernon Blackwood
  • Wolf’s Trap (Nick Lupo Book 1) by W.D. Gagliani
  • Smarter than the Average Werewolf by Mark Orr
  • The Beasts of Vissaria County by Douglas Ford
  • Red Moon by Benjamin Percy
  • The Wolfman by Jonathan Maberry
  • Leaders of the Pack edited by Lisa Lane and Graeme Reynolds
  • Saint Peter’s Wolf by Michael Cadnum
  • Full Moon Highway by Ross Killey
  • Wolf Hunt Trilogy by Jeff Strand. All three books are incredible.
  • Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones
  • The Howling by Gary Brandner (NOTE: if you watched the Weekly Werewolf Reports, you know that I have BIG OPINIONS on The Howling trilogy. To keep it short, read the first one, then spare yourself and ignore the other two.)

Now THIS is a book recommendation list. Enjoy!

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